Inspired thoughts on Prayer

A girl by the name of Ellen Harmon had a deep life-changing spiritual experience that had a dramatic influence on the rest of her life, and upon the lives of many who knew her, and the millions who have read her writings.

She was a lady of prayer, and knew what it was to agonise with God in prayer over matters that deeply disturbed her.

At an early age she exhibited some dramatic manifestations that were characteristic of people in the past who have been influenced in a supernatural way to convey messages from God to people. The visions she received often came to her while in prayer.

Although she had minimal primary education, she wrote out the many messages she received, and they are available today for our benefit.
She married James White, and together spent their time in Christian ministry, initiating many of the ministries in the church they helped to pioneer.

Ellen White had incredible insights into things spiritual, including prayer. On these pages is a collection of extracts from her pen and publications that relate particularly to prayer. To be fully understood, each extract should be interpreted in the context in which it was given. They are included on this website for your encouragement.

All extracts on this site are used with the permission of the Ellen G White Estate and Research Centre.
Enjoy Ellen White on prayer.