Book Categories

We have supplied a comprehensive list of books on the subject of "Prayer" for you to browse.  It has been divided into several categories listed below that make your special interests and needs easy to find.  Each entry gives you the title of the book, its author, its publisher, its ISBN, a short summary of its content, and places where you can buy it if you desire.  This list will be progressively updated and will include a special category for new books that have just come on the market.

New publications
Biographies of people of prayer
Spanish translations
Prayer devotions
How to pray
Intercessory prayer
Theology of prayer
Answers to prayer
Prayer warriors
Women and prayer

Books on Prayer
There are many excellent books dealing with prayer. They speak about prayer from many different angles. And of course there are some classics.

ABC of Bible Prayer by Glenn Coon

All the Prayes of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer

The Answer is Prayer by Morris L. Venden

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

Communion with God - A Devotional guide for the School of Prayer

Fifteen Ways to Pray by Keith Pearson

Frontline Prayer Praise Action by Literature Evangelists

If My People Pray by Randy Maxwell

Incredible Answers to Prayer by Roger Morneau (all his books are helpful)

Open to God-Meditation on God's Word by Joyce Huggett

Prayer - The Still Place in the Storm by Ruthie Jacobsen

Prayer Warriors by Ron Halvorsen

Praying in Secret by Hedley and Lyn Beare

Praying Jesus' Way - A guide for beginners and Veterans by Brian J Dodd

Steps to Christ by E G White

Too Busy not to Pray by Bill Hybels

Transforming Prayer by Richard O'Fill

Weapon of Prayer by E M Bounds